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Specializing in Mailbox Migration and IT Consultation

Esolutions365 is a Microsoft 365 managed service provider.


We can enable your company to utilize all of the tools that

Microsoft 365 has to offer.

Mailbox Migration

Esolutions365 can migrate your existing email mailbox data from your current onsite or hosted solution into your Microsoft365 environment.

Microsoft365 Management

Esolutions365 can take care of all your Microsoft 365 administrative and management needs, including; new employee onboarding, group distribution list, password resets, etc.

Network IT Consultation

Esolutions365 can help your business optimize your onsite network infrastructure to get you the most from your Microsoft 365 experience (Servicing the Greater L.A. and OC areas).

With close to 15 years experience in IT Consultation, at Esolutions365 we understand how time-consuming and frustrating many tasks such as onboarding new employees, password reset, email migration and more can be. We offer both an effective and affordable solution: Esolutions365

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Suzanne D.

HR Director

“Esolutions365 saves us so much time, especially with our new hires, setting them up on emails and connected to the network, etc. They are the real MVP.

Mark Rochas


“After our company merged, Esolutions365 totally got both parties on the same page when it came to Email migration and company server. Saved us countless hours.

Manuel Z.


Microsoft365 was hard enough to use for many of our employees already. Plus the time to train, set up and implement was a nightmare. Then we called Esolutions 365 and were ecstatic that we did.

Servicing Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

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